Day 4


Breakfast:  Gluten Free Rice Chex with sugar and milk – not bad, considering I’ve never been a Chex fan in any fashion.

Lunch:  I finished my left-over sirloin tips, mashed potatoes, and corn from Texas Roadhouse.

Dinner:  I cracked open a box of liveGfree G/F Pizza Crust Mix and topped it with sauce and cheese.  This was ok.  The family seemed to like it.  Not quite the same as usual, but definitely not bad.

Snacks:  Usually during the day I have just been snacking on carrots and applesauce because I know they’re safe snacks, and I try to take in a lot of water, but today I decided to try the Snyder’s G/F Pretzels covered in vanilla frosting.  I wasn’t pleased, but they weren’t terrible.

Check out the “My Reviews” page to see how these new items rate!


After my shopping trip yesterday, I needed to do some research online to compare prices.  My wallet was NOT pleased with Giant’s prices.  I checked out descriptions and reviews of multiple brands of g/f flour combinations and then compared prices between Amazon, direct producers, and some local stores.  After a thorough comparison of reviews, ingredients, and flour abilities, I decided to purchase Pamela’s Bread Mix and Bob’s Red Mill’s 1 to 1 Gluten-Free Baking Flour.  Walmart came out on top for both of them, price wise, but when I tried to actually purchase the flour, it wouldn’t let me, and then said that it’s not sold in my area.  I went ahead and purchased three 4 lb. bags of Pamela’s Bread Mix for about $40 from Walmart, but I had to start searching again for the flour.  I was very happy to find the site  They by far had an even better price (granted, your first purchase is reduced by $10 and all purchases over $40 get 5% off), so I purchased six 44 oz. bags for about $32, including shipping.  I was very pleased with that!  I can’t wait until they arrive and I can start baking and experimenting with them!


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