Day 3


Breakfast:  Rice Krispies with milk

Lunch:  Another one of my salads with broccoli, but NO cupcakes this time!

Dinner:  Serloin Tips, Mashed Potatoes, and Corn from Texas Roadhouse.  I avoided the rolls with only a little trouble – made sure I took a good whiff or two to hold me over.


I had a few more tips arrive on my Facebook page:

  • Wegman’s is a very gluten-free friendly place.
  • Canyon bread from Target is one of the best g/f breads you can find.
  • Byers’ Bakery in Hanover makes great g/f fresh bread.
  • Domino’s has a g/f pizza.

After more research, talking to a few of my “gurus”, and putting a list together, I talked my mom into going shopping with me to the few stores the people had said they find their favorite gluten-free goods.

I started at Big Lots and found 2 decent-looking brands of g/f crackers and a bag of Snyder’s g/f pretzels, all for $7.

Then, we went to Aldi’s and found some g/f croutons and another brand of g/f pretzels for about $4.  I thought it would be good to have some sort of comparison.

Ollie’s didn’t help us out at all, so we followed that with a stop at Giant, where I was pretty sure I would be able to find things I was looking for, but was doubtful that my wallet would be happy.  Mom and I found some of Bob’s Red Mill flour (we chose the all-purpose and the bread mix), some Chex cereal that I could settle on, g/f bread crumbs for coating chicken, g/f Bisquick, and g/f Barilla pasta, all for the great price of about $40.  What got me was the fact that g/f pasta in the “health food aisle” was about $2 more per box than the g/f Barilla pasta in the traditional aisle.  Same for the Chex cereal vs. the “health food aisle” g/f cereals.  So apparently, if you’re willing to take the time to search, you can find things for a reasonable price that fit your needs.

On day 4, I will be sampling some of these things and I will let you know how they compare to their “wheat” enemies.


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