Day 2


Breakfast: Rice Krispies (yes, I know they have about 2% malt flavoring in them, but it was still the best I could do in a rush since I hadn’t been shopping yet).

Lunch:  I again made my famous lettuce, carrot, chicken, sunflower seed, bacon bits, and 2 crouton salad and finished it up with some more string beans.  I again followed it up with 2 cupcakes.  *cringe*  But they were soooo good and they were the LAST 2.  However, I paid for it later.

Dinner:  I made fried chicken (had to use regular flour to coat it with, but did not eat that coating – yes, I know they touched), baked potatoes, and broccoli for everyone.  I felt pretty good in the hour+ afterward and had some vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips to finish out the day.


After more discussions with helpful friends and new “gurus” I was give a few more recommendations:

  • Pamela’s bread flour is good for making most varieties of breads and crusts.
  • Betty Crocker offers gluten-free recipes on her website.
  • Kellogg’s has a few (seemingly hard to find) gluten-free cereals.
  • Cornflour and cornstarch are good substitutes for thickeners when cooking.

I learned that substitute flours cannot just be switched in for wheat flour cup for cup.  Most other flours also need a mix of Xanthum Gum and possibly a starch or multiple types of flour.  One of many helpful conversion charts chart-glutenfreeconversion was found at

I am determined to find a way to easily bake in this house.  I am used to making my own bread, rolls, and crusts, so this will be something I have to conquer.  I also investigated the websites and and found some awesome looking and highly-rated recipes that I will be trying.


2 thoughts on “Day 2

    1. Awesome! Thank you. I did hear that from a friend, but I was unable to find them locally, so I wasn’t sure. I also JUST heard that Cheerios will be making a g/f version in JULY! Woohoo!


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