Menu: Day 1


Breakfast:  Today I had to use what was in my pantry and to the best I could.  I like eggs, but don’t like them that much, so I didn’t opt for them.  I also prefer my eggs with toast and that is now a no-no.  I went for the Frosted Flakes because I did not see any “wheat” listed on the nutrition panel.  I take a multitude of supplements before and after breakfast, so those were also included in my meal.  After breakfast I started researching Gluten/Wheat-Free sources and discovered that other terms for wheat and wheat gluten are also barley, rye, malt and hydrolyzed vegetable protein.  Frosted Flakes have (guess what) malt in them, so I accidentally messed up already.  I could tell because I was “feeling it” through my body for the next few hours.

Lunch:  My holistic nurse suggested that I build my meals off of a salad base to start with.  This is hard for me because I have never been much of a salad eater – my salads have always consisted of just lettuce, bacon bits, carrots, and croutons.  But, for lunch, I put together my old “salad” recipe and only put on 2 crunched up croutons – I was not ready to go cold turkey yet – and added some grilled chicken and sunflower seeds.  I do not use dressings either, so I gobbled that up like a bunny and it was actually quite good.  It didn’t leave me feeling like I was missing anything.  I followed that up with some applesauce and green beans and 2 cupcakes.  I couldn’t resist.  They were left-over from my daughter’s birthday party and it’s my favorite cake; I haven’t had any in many months and I couldn’t stand to see them go to waste.  I regretted it later.  :/

Dinner:  I had some leftover hamburgers (no bun), more green beans, and a baked potato.  I am so so glad that I am able to keep my potatoes (in moderation), milk, and occasional soda (for now).  Those things are making the lack of bread (my absolute FAVORITE mainstay) a little easier to “swallow”.  I followed up my dinner with a little vanilla ice cream and chocolate chips.


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